This project is community-driven. Are you OntoUML enthusiast? We would like to invite you to cooperate on this documentation.

Reporting issues

Found a problem? Any uncertainty? Please create an issue on our GitHub repository

Solving issues

Feel free to solve any issue by yourself. You need just a GitHub account, you will fix the problem in your fork of the repository and then submit a pull request to the original one. Also, you can fork the repository and try to propose your OntoUML changes for the future version.

Documentation guidelines

  • Keep the file structure, if you want to propose some big changes, please create an issue where we can discuss such big change.
  • Do not use line breaks unless ending paragraph. In 21st century all human-usable editors and IDEs have functionality called “word wrap” that is configurable per user. Why should someone with wide screen see only 80 characters per line if want more?
  • Try to be consistent, maximize readers understanding (do not expect any IT or Ontology expertise), interlink with other related pages and also label your pages.
  • Take a look at Sphinx docs and reStructuredText Markup Specification.